Renovating, Knockdown & Rebuild 

Do you love where you live? Have you outlived your home? Or perhaps you have found the perfect location, however the homes are not quite ticking the boxes?

Why not re build on your current block or allow our team to search for the perfect block in your dream location.

There are so many things to consider, such as finance, council approval, selecting a quality builder, project management, time frames, alternate accommodation, hidden costs and obtaining the end product you desire. We understand most people don’t know where to get started and feel overwhelmed by the idea.

Imagine there is a solution, a team on your side offering unbiased advice, selecting the right builder for your needs, ensuring you have a step by step plan from the correct finance advice through to the end result. We will walk you through every step of the way taking the stress and guess work out.

Starting with an initial consultation, we will discuss your budget, needs and requirements. We work alongside independent qualified,financial brokers, draftspersons, quality builders and project managers from start to end, reducing the risk, impact and realistically stepping through each stage to achieve your desired end product.

“Love the home you live in and the location you choose”

I look forward to being part of your building journey.