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Vendor Advocacy Bayside Melbourne

Choosing the right agent to sell your home can be stressful and confusing. This is where the team at Inview Property Group can assist through vendor advocacy services, offering independent advice to guide you through the selection process.

We ensure you understand what’s going on in the market. Eliminating the guesswork by selecting the correct agent along with reviewing and negotiating the proposed marketing campaign and fees.

Like most property owners that are looking to sell, you will have many questions and concerns. This is where we work closely with you to ensure these are covered during the process of buying a home.

Who’s the best agent in my area?

Our team will carry out full due diligence. Carefully selecting the best agent not only in your area, but also for the sale of your property.

How do I know if what the agents are saying is right?

We will assess all information provided by the agent and review, ensuring you are given the correct advice.

What’s really going on with the market?

As an independent agent with no properties to sell, we will offer sound advice on the current market and what to expect during your campaign.

What do I really need to do to get my property market ready?

On our first visit, we will guide you through what is necessary to maximize the market interest in your property.

Which is the best way to market my property?

We will select the right agent and the best campaign to ensure your needs are met and more importantly to secure the best result for your property.

“Choosing the right agent allows you to enjoy the process with confidence”

I look forward to being part of your selling journey.